Work on our exhibition projects is just starting, but in the meantime, if you’ve seen a picture on The Suffolk Project or our Instagram account that you particularly like, we can make an open-edition print of it. We have a standard print size offered at 8×12” on 100% cotton rag art paper. Subject info and data are included on a signed label which can be attached to the back. Each 8×12” print is £75 including postage to a UK address. Any purchases will help pay for the replastering of our office 🙂 High quality custom framing in wood, as illustrated below, can be arranged for an additional cost of £35, but I’m afraid this service is only available for collection as the glass almost always gets broken in delivery no matter how well you pack it! We are also happy to discuss alternative print sizes, up to more than 1 metre wide, just drop us an email or give us a call to discuss. Richard also produces photographic artworks from specific project series, which will be available as limited edition prints and details of these will be featured in the journal and exhibitions pages of the website. Prints from Richard’s past projects are held in collections all over the world. He makes all his prints himself up to large formats, usually in short-run limited editions, with a priority being a high level of archival stability.