Please have a look below at the wide range of work we can undertake. It’s not a definitive list so please don’t hesitate to call or email to discuss your specific requirements. Although the main focus of our personal project is the county of Suffolk, we are, of course, happy to discuss potential commissions further afield.


All of our work is available to be licensed for editorial use and commissions can be undertaken. We have a particular interest in rural life; the people, their work and homes, and illustrating stories about them. We have experience going back many years of photographing architecture and interiors, arts and craftspeople, landscape and lifestyles.

Stock library

We’ve begun building up a library of images of Suffolk with a particular focus on agriculture and conservation. As time goes on we hope to make this library extensive with a searchable archive. For now, if you have a specific requirement for an image, please drop us a quick line and we’ll see if we’ve got something suitable for you. We will often be willing to go and shoot something specifically if we’re not busy (with no obligation) as we’re constantly on the look-out for opportunities to build our archive of relevant subject matter.


After many years experience in advertising, design and branding photography for multi-national companies, we are well placed to help meet specific photographic briefs with defined communications goals.  We can also help with the development of concepts for smaller companies. The Suffolk Project is a passionate advocate for local businesses and wherever possible will use our own channels to promote their products and services. We have a special interest in the food industry, whether it is in production, processing, retail or service sectors.

We have also worked extensively in industry, particularly for the illustration of annual reports and because of our interest in sustainability we’ve previously been involved in corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Social Media Content

We offer content provision services tailored to the client’s needs and budget. We also have a social-media marketing manager, and can offer this service in conjunction with content provision. At The Suffolk Project we aim to understand your company or organisation’s aims, services and products, and develop consistent, engaging stories about them. We’re particularly well placed to provide content for enterprises working in the fields (and woodlands!) of agriculture and food, and we have a passion for conservation.

Social and Family

If you like the style of The Suffolk Project, and think it might be a good fit, please feel free to contact us to discuss your portrait or event requirements. You may even make it onto The Suffolk Project blog, with your permission of course! Our aim will always be to capture the authentic personality of the subject, be it your children playing in a meadow, or your wedding in the village church. We take a low-profile documentary approach to these shoots, the aim being to capture images that resonate with genuine warmth and authenticity.


Suffolk hosts a wealth of public events; agricultural and country shows, music festivals and vintage car and steam rallies, and these are favourite subject matters of The Suffolk Project as they reveal so much of the character of our county. We will enthusiastically accept commissions to cover your event and capture it’s unique atmosphere.